Hydroponic crops have far greater access to the nutrients that they need. As a result, they will flourish and grow very happily. The food source of the plant, the sugar supply will be high and the plant will be able to express the best possible taste. Good plants often taste better and hydroponics tend to yield very healthy plants.

Some crops, such as hot chilies and citric fruits, may also have a taste regulated by moderating nutrient levels and pH (acidity) of the water. Citrus fruits can be made sweeter or more sour and with some basic nutrient modulations, and hot chilies can be made hotter or milder in a similar way. 

Growers can alter the plant's flavor by adding unique nutrients and controlling exposure to other elements during development. In short, the taste of hydroponic fruits and vegetables can differ from the taste of soil-grown crops. The key factors influencing the taste of plants are their exposure to sunshine, water quality and the type of nutrient.